1.0 - July 2010
Initial Release.

1.0.1 - July 2010
Fixed defect where editing the color or font of an empty Big Text item would sometimes result in no back button.

1.1 - August 2010
Fixed memory leak defect.
Added several new icons.

2.0 - September 2014
Complete UI overhaul.
Support for iPhone 5 and 6 models.
Universal app - also supports iPad
Added support for iOS sharing - can now share via MMS Text, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, or any other app that supports images.
Added iOS Accessibility support - completely supports VoiceOver.

2.0.1 - September 2014
Added more animations.
Minor UI defect fix.

2.0.2 - October 2014
Minor defect fixes.

2.1 - April 2015
Apple Watch support!
Fixed a crash when trying to add a new item while editing the Big Text List.

2.5 - September 2015
Apple Watch 2.0 support!
WatchOS 2.0 allows the app run much faster, plus you can now use the digital crown to cycle through screens.

2.6 - October 2015
Support for syncing data using iCloud. Users can now have one set of big text items that are shared and synchronized over all their devices.