1.0 - June 2010
Initial Release.

1.1 - July 2010
Added detailed tutorial in using Dabble to the interface (available from the Info (blue 'i') pane).
Make the function of the "clear" button more explicit by renaming it to "Undo All". Also added warning before Undo All function to ensure that accidental deletions do not take place.
Fixed bug where the "T" icon for the Text tool would sometimes not show up on the Text tool button.

1.2 - September 2010
Added context menu for the selected item (reachable by performing a "long touch").
Added a Precision Move selection of commands to precisely move, rotate and scale the selected item. Availble via the context menu.
Fixed bug where duplicated polygons were sized at 1 pixel by 1 pixel.

1.3 - November 2010
Added printing support (iOS 4.2 only).

1.3.1 - November 2010
Fixed a crash on start bug for iOS 3.2 users.

1.3.2 - December 2010
Fixed a bug where, rarely, the user's drawing would not be retained after stopping and restarting the application.

1.4 - February 2011
Added file loading and saving. Added iTunes file sharing. Adding more options for sending via email.

1.5 - October 2014
Multiple Bug fixes.
Support for iOS 8.

1.5.1 - September 2015
Support for iOS 9.