This is the personal website of David Coufal.

I'm a software engineer working in the Denver/Boulder metropolitan area of the state of Colorado in the USA. I currently work for Apple, Inc.

I have info about communicating with me securely available if you are so inclined.

Portions of my Ph.D. thesis are available online.

I wrote a couple of iOS development blog entries for Rosetta Stone while I worked there. You can find copies here.

I used to maintain a site called in the early 2000's where I distributed software that I had written. That site is reproduced here.

I enjoy traveling, and photographs from recent trips are available at my photo collection on Flickr.


Personal iOS apps/projects:

A small CocoaPod that contains code that will find the exact font size to fit a string in a particular rectangle.
Just Big Text
An app to create huge text screens on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV or Apple Watch for easy communication. Available now at the App Store.
Locate Me Keyboard
A keyboard extension that allows quick and easy communication of your location via Google Maps, Apple Maps and even a map image. Available now at the App Store.
An easy to use sketching and drawing utility (iPad only). Available now at the App Store.

Work-for-hire iOS apps/projects:

An open source framework to parse/validate/edit HLS format video files.
Comcast Xfinity Stream TV
A cable box for your iOS device. You can watch live TV, on demand programming and DVR recordings either in home or on the go.
Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business
A learning application focused on learning everyday English business language and culture. Winner of the Tabby award.
Westlaw Portable Case Notebook
A electronic legal transcript viewer that allows annotations and notes.

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